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Apparently cappuccino is meant to be a breakfast drink and it's considered a bit strange to drink it later in the day. So what? So when in Rome... Do as the romans do!

Your Immersive Travel Challenge should you choose to accept it is as follows:
The proper way to work through an Italian menu is to theme your meal. Choose an anitipasto and Primo Piatti that either compliment each other or contrast in an intriguing way. You're not supposed to...


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16/01/2007 - 11:28:44 by andrew

If you're going to the Colosseum, try to get on one of the organized tours. There are loads of people touting for business all around the Colosseum. The benefits are two fold, one you generally jump straight to the front of the queue and secondly their fairly entertaining. Ask if you can meet/speak with the guide prior to signing up. That way you can suss out if they're any good. Also ask what the maximum capacity of the group is. We didn't and there were that many people in the group everyone had to charge between stops to find a spot where we could actually hear her speak!
Andy, England

16/01/2007 - 10:19:01 by andrew

We spent all afternoon chillin' in Piazza Navona doing absolutely nothing. After a 3 course lunch followed by gelati we ordered in a couple of bottles of vino and just watched the world go by. Even now as I'm chained to my desk I can still feel the sun on my back. Bliss
Andy, England


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