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SoundGuides are committed to ensuring that those travellers who use our guides come back from their destination changed by the experience. We aim to provide the tools and resources that challenge, stimulate and provide that catalyst for personal development wherever and whenever travel takes place.

Our Mission

Each guide is a collaboration of effort. From our researchers to our writers, technical staff, photographers, right through to the feedback from our listeners. It's the sum of our parts that makes SoundGuides what they are. They're all real people just like you, travellers, professionals, students, stay-at-home moms - all united by one passion - travel.

We'd like to hear from you

If think you've got something to offer and would like to share your perspective and insight get in touch. Remember, we take an SoundGuides approach when it comes to subjectivity. We're not taking a bribe from a dodgy Pizza parlour in Milan or a crumby fish restaurant in Venice. Therefore, we're not particularly bothered about these topics, unless of course there is some spectacular stand out point of interest involved. For example, you wouldn't go to Brussels without wandering around the chocolate shops near the Mannequin Pis. Likewise, Spitalfields market in London is a point of interest in itself as well as a place to shop. It's also right opposite Jack the Ripper's pub. We want to cut out as much subjectivity as possible. So saying 'This restaurant does fantastic crème brule' is just opinion but saying 'this is the bar where Sartre used to drink coffee with his mates' is a fact and it's a damned interesting one too." So if you know a brilliant story, a unique experience, an amazing attract on or even just how a visitor could avoid the local tourist traps give us a shout.

Get with the program

SoundGuides are obsessed with discovery. If it's new then nothing is trivial. From heckling stand-up comedians at the Comedy Store to playing dominoes with a group of pensioners in Barcelona, it's all about new experiences. From the absolute must see's to the little known gems, we're aiming to get to the real heart of the city. We'd like to give people an experience of the place that they just couldn't get anywhere else. Be that walking around a site and pointing out little things they wouldn't otherwise have noticed or to simply make history and culture more accessible. We're aiming to help them get the richest sense of engagement from actually being there.

Get with the program

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  1. A true knowledge and passion for your city
  2. Commitment and ability to create informative features
  3. An ability to bring your knowledge to life
  4. Dedication to improve the travel experience
  5. A clear and friendly writing style

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