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What are we all about? Overview

We make audio and audiovisual guides like no one else on earth could even conceive was possible. We are to city travel what the Goons were to comedy. We use a team of razor sharp minds to hone in on the most essential hardcore facts then we distil the findings into pure theatre. This information is then made to sing and dance and cartwheel it's joyous way deep into the subconscious mind of the listener where it will never be forgotten.

Why be stuck in a book or glued to your chair? Why not soak up an entertaining yet enlightening jaunt through the Doge's Palace with Casanova by your side on your shiny new MP3 player while you practice doing wheelies in the park?

What's the purple cow? How's it remarkable?

There you are walking the dog around Central Park in New York and learning how in 1648 the fall of 'Humpty Dumpty' was crucial to the demise of England's King Charles 1st at the same time! Now that's multi-tasking. If that's not a purple cow my name is El Diablo del Shep Montana.

How do we make you feel?

Like wrong love. Like that bit where you laugh and then look around and think oh my god should that even be funny or have I lost it? Yes you have lost it but that's OK because it was funny. And as you settle down a bit you realize that there's more to it than just being funny. Then you're hooked. We feel like a good addiction.

How good are we at dancing?

We have moves to suit any situation. We aren't those guys that have three moves that they do at different speeds for different tunes. We listen to the groove and pour ourselves into it like liquid gold. And we have absolutely no problem with being the first one dancing in the room. Even if it's an old folks home. And the tunes are rubbish.

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