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latest guide

What's the product? what were doing and why?

What's the product? - what were doing and why?

Downloadable MP3 guides delivering the story of what, the mystery of who, the insight into when and the revelation of why.

Our guides can conceivably cover anything from 'where Madonna tripped on a banana skin outside the Brit Awards' to 'this is the spot where Nero fiddled while Rome burned'. They include everything that gets you to the heart of the city including its history, its secrets, its culture, its people and most importantly its stories - broken down into a bite-sized track-list for easy referencing.

Why? - Why Not?

Why trawl through a 286 pages guidebook commenting on which hotel has the softest pillows and which pizza parlour served the worst Calzone when you can simply hit track 36 on your mp3 player and have your hand held throughout a tour of the Colosseum by your velvety smooth voiced new best friend?

Why sit on the plane to Venice reading fluff travel guides when you can plug in your headphones, turn on our travel guide and hear it spoken gently and seductively to you like a love letter from some passion stricken soft voiced young man / woman? (depending on preference)

How's it delivered?

Teams of extremely talented yet tortured performance artists will bring the material to life. Many of them will flip out and break mirrors. But the work will be second to none. People will mutter things about genius and selling souls at the crossroads. It's delivered somewhat like a seminal radio show with associated sound effects and a musical accompaniment.

Why should you be bothered?

Because it's the easiest, most fun and most effective way of getting the information you want. Furthermore, the delivery itself is so appealing that you'll listen to it again and again. Careers will be launched from the Content Lab stable of actors and sound producers. TV companies will try to poach them from us. But they will love working for us so much they won't leave. They'll try, but they'll come back and we won't pay them any more.

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