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latest guide

Why SoundGuides?

Just what are Sound Guides?

Imagine you had a friend in every major city in the world. A very interesting, cultured and wise friend. Well now you do. . .
SoundGuides give you your own personal audio guide to the city and they're the perfect partner for your trip. They're friendly and funny, interesting and cultured and you won't even need to buy them lunch when you get there.

SoundGuides bring your destination to life

We'll give you the stories, the people, the conflicts and the drama. All the top locations are covered and many hidden treasures besides.

SoundGuides get you to the heart of the city. Not by telling you what attractions to visit at what times but by providing you with a story for everywhere you go. You see a place or a monument and you understand where it came from and what kind of lives have been lived here over the centuries. You get a sense of human history in motion. When you walk down city streets you tread on layers of history metres deep. You are passing through millions of life stories.

Your City trips will never be the same again . . .

SoundGuides give you the richest experience of your environment. You might stroll through a piazza in Sienna and say 'my how pretty' but you're really wondering how old is the place'? Who built it? What was happening here when Lorenzo de Medici ruled Florence? Did Machiavelli ever chill out here?

Our Guides will enrich your experience of walking around a city both emotionally and intellectually, it will be the difference between saying: 'My! These bits of rock look very old. Does anyone know when the pub opens?' and thinking 'Oh my god! I'm standing on the very spot where Emperor Constantin stood 1250 years ago when the empire fell at his feet! The very spot!'

Stories, Stories and more stories

Anyone can just give you the facts but what about the human interest? Tell us a story!
We include the sensational and the romantic, the absurd and the entertaining. Also what's fascinating, horrifying, wonderful and just about downright mystifying about the place you're visiting.

What Can I expect?

SoundGuides give you the full picture. To start with they provide a unique insight into the city you're travelling to, it's attractions and history while you gain an insiders perspective on how to get the most out of your trip. This can be listened to in the comfort of your own home, during your journey, in your hotel room or while walking through the city.
Then when you reach your destination SoundGuides really come in to their own. Each in-situ location or attraction is contained as a separate track so all you do is queue up the relevant number and gain a unique insight into the fascinating story behind it.

The History of the City

We'll give you the most romantic, terrible and wonderful tales of how this City came to be the marvel it is today! Why is it here!? How did it come about!? Why is it like it is!?

Top Locations

From the absolute must see's to little known gems that we've dug up you'll be taken to the very heart of the city. We'll walk you around the site and point out little things you wouldn't otherwise have noticed.

Best kept secrets

Places that locals might go to spend an afternoon strolling. This might include the best place to watch the sun go down over the city, the best views, the most intriguing walks to be had away from the madding crowds. That tucked away bar where the locals have lock ins and dance to the best local jazz band till dawn.

Mp3 player? No Problem

If you don't have an MP3 player of your own you can choose our SoundGuides 2Go option which provides you with your own MP3 player pre-recorded and ready to take with you. Just shop and go.

There are two Download options to choose from:

MyGuide: Our comprehensive guide to the city.

Pioneers Guide: Our guide for the kids. Presented in an entertaining and challenging way it brings their destination to life with history, mystery and fun.