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Tom's Paris Tips

PACKING LIGHTLY - Spending more time on organising your suitcase can help you to realise that the first time you pack, you have probably taken too much. When you have selected the clothes that you think you would like to take, lay them out on the bed, and try to cut this amount down by half.

PACK SMARTLY - As opposed to folding your clothes when you, pack, roll them. When you arrive at your hotel, hang your clothes upright in the bathroom, the steam shold make the creases fall out.

TAXI - It 's always a pain after a flight, when you have to stand for what seems like an eternity in a queue waiting for a taxi. It's likely that the rest of the people from your flight, and many other flights, also are waiting in the same queue, so instead, go to the departure area set-down to get your taxi instead, and get on one in which has just dropped somebody off

TIPPING - "Service compris" means service is included. It is common practice for loose change to be left or for the bill to be "rounded" if you are particularly happy with the service.

CONVENIENCES - Public toilets in Paris are rarely if ever free, so always keep some change at the ready, especially as it's seen as rude to use the toilet of a restaurant/café without actually ordering anything

THE LOUVRE - Before visiting the Louvre, plan your time. There's so much to see in there you want to get round everything without leaving feeling like you didn't see everything there is to! If you're an art lover you could spend weeks here, so take your time, but make sure you leave enough time to get round the whole thing.

EIFFEL TOWER -If you really want to see the Eiffel Tower at its best, go to see it lighting up and sparkling right before the hour (during the night only)!

TELEPHONES - If you're not going to Paris for long, buy a calling card before you go. The website contains many stories from people who have been charged as much as $6 a minute for calling from and to Europe. Plan ahead so you don't end up paying too much.

MONTMARTRE - Have a look up to Montmartre when in Paris, The area lives up to what the Moulin Rouge is for but the scenery up to the Moulin Rouge is absolutely stunning. Definitely take the Metro to get there!The Metro at Montmarte has a very long spiral staircase but it's covered in amazing murals

MUSEUMS - The museums in Paris are generally expensive, so my best tip is to buy a 'museums' pass if your planning on seeing lots of the attractions you have to pay to enter. Its good not only because you save money in the long run, but also because it allows you to cut the queue's you would otherwise spend a very long time waiting in.

EATING - A cheap option for food may be to eat inside the Latin quarter. Here the food in both cheap and good quality, a certain money saver.

HOTELS - Don't simply overlook the 2 star hotels, they are usually charming and quite nice, and can save you a lot of money.

VIEWS - If you want an impressive view of Paris, try the top of the Samarataine Department store. It is both excellently breathtaking, and free!

INTERNET - If you need to check your emails, or send some, your best bet is the XS Arena near Blvd. St. Michel at 53 rue de la Harpe. It's a spacious place with many available computers. And it's quite inexpensive: 3 euro for one hour. My hotel, for example, charged 3 euro for only 15 minutes! I highly recommend XS Arena, and the staff are extremely helpful!