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The Campanile

The Campanile is the bell tower of St Mark that stands opposite the basilica. You're more likely to hear the bells of this famous tower before you see it, as it towers so high above your head. This tower famously collapsed in July 1902, folding in on itself like a pack of cards, squashing the curator's cat. The decision was taken to rebuild it exactly as it had been, so whilst the building is not original, the design is the same as the tower was in 1514. You can tread in Galileo's footsteps and go up the tower for a bird's eye view of Venice, but it's not cheap!

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The Grand Canal

The Grand Canal is the largest waterway that twists through Venice and it is lined with gorgeous waterfront palaces and ornate churches from end to end. Nearing St. Mark's Square on a Canal bus or passing under the Rialto Bridge are experiences that make life worth living. Any part of this great waterway you travel on will make you feel like you are actually in a painting. Buy a day pass for the water bus and you can ride up and down to your hearts content, jumping off here and there to visit the museums and galleries housed in the palaces. Alternatively, splash out and get a Gondolier to take you around.

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St. Mark's Square

This beautiful public space is often called 'the drawing room of Europe' because the sound of conversation dominates, not traffic. Most of the main tourist attractions in Venice are in and around St. Marks Square. It is bordered by the most impressive of buildings, from the gilded and gleaming Basilica San Marco to the Napoleonic austerity of the Museo Correr, all are filled with treasures and wonders waiting to be explored. Cap it off with a visit to the most beautiful cathedral interior in the world and it's no wonder the average day-tripper rarely needs to venture beyond its confines.

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