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Pioneers's Guide: London

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Young People in tow?

Bring their holiday to life and fill their heads with wonder


No more: Are we there yet? I'm bored! I'm tired of looking at old buildings!

Instead: --*fascinated silence*--

Sounds good?

Well there is a way to get there…

Turn their city break into a history lesson, geography field trip and language introduction - without them even noticing.

Those ruined buildings, chipped statues and dilapidated monuments are brought to life with our animated audio guide. We make both the journey and the city fun and educational by getting to the story behind the locations.

If you show them a collection of fallen down marble columns, that exactly what they'll see. But if you tell them that they're looking at the exact spot where Charles the First was beheaded by the round heads then that's what they'll imagine.

Our City for Pioneers Guides are pitched differently. We make the boring brilliant, the old awesome and the ordinary interesting.

While we cover some of the same attractions as the adult tour it's presented in a whole new way.

Exciting, interesting, engaging and stimulating.

The Pioneers Guide contains:

  • History: Myths, legends and tales
  • Heroes and villians: Stories to make their hair curl
  • What's hot and what's not
  • Attractions: A mini guide to the best of the city
  • Animated archaeology and interesting insights

Give them a city experience that they'll treasure forever!

Suitable for ages 9 yrs upwards

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