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MyGuide: Paris

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"When good Americans die they go to Paris."
Oscar Wilde

What's a SoundGuide?

Say hello to your new best friend! SoundGuides deliver a heady mix of straight-talking information, drama, history, banter, gossip and a bit of fun thrown in. This comprehensive and self-guided audio tour of Paris is custom made to enhance your experience without getting in your way. It's the next best thing to having a friend in every city.

Soundguides tracks are split into two categories to maximize your flexibility.

Before You Go
  • Planning: How do I get the most out of my time? Just listen.
  • Main Attractions: Find out all about the big ones you just can't miss.
  • Hidden Treasures: Go where most tourists won't. Discover the Canals of East Paris.
  • Famous Parisians: Learn about the lights of Paris.
  • Language: Apprenez la langue de l'amour !
  • History: Paris from its humble start as the muddy city to it's belle epoch and beyond.
  • Go Native: Learn the proper way to taste and select wine in a French restaurant.
While You're There
  • The Cathedral of Notre Dame: What happened that night a crown of a thousand golden candles hovered above the cathedral?
  • Follow the Da Vinci Code from The Louvre to St Sulphice
  • The Eiffel Tower: Find out how the French resistance tricked Hitler into climbing the 1665 steps to the summit.
  • Montmartre: Discover the place where Picasso and his friends invented modern art.
  • The Georges Pompidou Centre: Go and see the art that Picasso and his friends created!
  • The Pere Lachaise Cemetary: Pay your respects to Chopin and say a final farewell to Jim Morrison before finding out about the real life Romeo and Juliet buried here.
  • The Louvre: Is there any truth in the mystery of the Glass Pyramid?
SoundGuides are absolutely packed with the most romantic, terrible and wonderful tales of how this city came to be the marvel it is to today.

Go on, travel with a SoundGuide - You'll come back brighter

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