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MyGuide: Rome

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"Every one soon or late comes round by Rome."
Robert Browning

What's a SoundGuide?

Say hello to your new best friend! SoundGuides deliver a heady mix of straight-talking information, drama, history, banter, gossip and a bit of daft thrown in. This comprehensive and self-guided audio tour of Rome is custom made to enhance your experience without getting in your way. It's the next best thing to having a friend in every city.

Soundguides tracks are split into two categories to maximize your flexibility.

Before You Go
  • Planning: What do I really want to see? How much can I fit into a day in Rome?
  • Little Gems: I've heard of the Colloseum but where's this gladiator school?
  • Save Money: How can I avoid the tourist traps?
  • Hidden Rome: How come Italians look so darn good all the time?
  • Language: Why is everyone shouting Chow! Bella! At me?
  • History: Who built what, when and why? Where did Julius Caeser get murdered?
  • Go Native: What's the proper way to order your Second Plate in an Italian restaurant? How can you tell when Gelato is authentic?

While You're There
  • The Colloseum: How did they manage to fill the auditorium in 15 minutes? How many animals died in a season of games? Who got to watch? What were the side shows? Who were the strange characters with the mallet and the red hot poker?
  • The Forum: What was the Roman Forum like in it's hey day? What was everyday life like in ancient Rome?
  • Circus Maximus: Welcome to the largest sporting arena ever built, just what went on here?
  • Trevi Fountain: What's it got to do with an angry Barber? And find out the secret of how a small coin can guarantee your return to Rome.
  • Sistine Chapel: If there's black smoke coming from the Sistine chapel what does it mean? And learn how Michelangelo got revenge on his critics.
  • St Peter's Basilica: Is St. Peter himself really interred beneath the altar?
  • Spanish Steps: OK, so just what has a Spanish square in Rome got to do with English poetry?
  • Pantheon: Discover how the Pantheon survived 2000 years and still looks brand new. And find out why there's such a big hole in the roof.

SoundGuides are absolutely packed with the most romantic, terrible and wonderful tales of how this city came to be the marvel it is to today.

Go on, travel with a SoundGuide - You'll come back brighter

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