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Ready to plan your journey?

You need MyGuide - our in depth 'big brother' guide to your destination.

Before you go we'll tell you why you're going to fall in love with the city, and why, when you get back, you'll spend the next six months telling everyone you meet they just absolutely have to go there.

MyGuide includes:

  • Listen to our top ten places to visit: a comprehensive list of the must see attractions that made the city the marvel it is today. Why is it here? How did it come about? What is it really like?
  • Attractions: we'll give you the most romantic, wonderful and downright fascinating places to go and see.
  • The best kept secrets: where do the locals go? From the best place to watch the sun go down to the most intriguing places to get away from the madding crowds.
  • A bluffers guide to the art and architecture you're going to encounter. Then you'll get an understanding of what you are looking at and really impress any passers by (especially if you can hide your earphones under a hood).
  • History: close your eyes and you're transported back to the key moments in time that shaped the world.
  • What you need to know: how do you avoid the tourist traps? How to get around? And everything from a phrasebook to where to spend your holiday cash.

But that's only half of what Soundguide can do. To really get the most out of your time use the location specific tracks when you're actually in the City.

Simply plan your itinerary from the content list before you travel and once there when you reach that point of interest you can queue up the relevant track and gain a unique insight into the fascinating story behind it.

Oh and one more thing...

You're going on holiday! Yay!

Choose a Guide

Select your destination from the 'Choose a Guide' Panel in the top right hand corner and download your very own audio guide to the city. MyGuide is our in-depth guide, MyGuide 2Go is for those that don't have an MP3 player and our Pioneers Guide is for the kids.

Departure Lounge

Then why not visit The Departure Lounge and find out more about your destination, from travel tips to what the weathers doing, it's all here. Grab a coffee and have a thumb through our library before you share your views with fellow travellers on our bulletin board

Go Native

Don't forget to check out the 'Go Native' section for each city where you'll get a real feel for what makes the city unique.

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Our in depth guide that gives you the big picture.